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The FTC requires that I disclose any connection between the products on this site and the content that I’ve chosen to include. So, here is my attempt at that. I hope that ti’s pretty clear. If you have any questions, you can contact me via the “about” page. I am not “paid to post” and I was not given money or products to make this site or submit a review. I am, however, an affiliate of clickbank and marriage sherpa, the companies that distributes the products found on this site. This means that if you buy a product through this site, I may make a commission. With that disclosed, I’d like to say that there are tons of clickbank and other affiliate products. The ones that are here are here because I find them applicable and helpful.

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You should also be aware that this site may make a clickbank commission and / or marriage sherpa commission for a purchase or action you make via following a link on this site. Some parts this blog do contain affiliate style links that enable this site to generate income.

Results Disclaimer: Please understand that I can not guarantee that your results will be similar to the one described here. Your results are going to depend upon many factors, over which I have no control. If there are any perceived claims of results on this site, they are not the results of the typical reader. I make no claims as to what the typical or average reader can expect. All results are unique and directly influenced by the individual person, his or her efforts, his or her partner, and the situation surrounding the marriage and the infidelity. No one can guarantee or imply a certain outcome.

Also please know that names and events in this site may have been changed or altered to protect the privacy of those involved. In terms of complete disclosure required by the FTC, you should consider this blog as for entertainment rather than educational purposes. By no means am I am expert or make any claims to be. I ask that you use your own common sense and diligence in your own situation.

Changes to this Privacy Statement: The contents of this statement may be altered at any time, at our discretion.

No Comments Posted: Please note that due to abuse and spam in my comments, I have now required that they be approved before consideration for publication. I do read the comments posted in the “about” section, but to ensure everyone’s privacy, I do not intend to post them without explicit permission beforehand. And although I read the comments, I regret that due to the volume I can’t personally respond to them all. I do notice common themes and write about those in upcoming articles, without disclosing specifics. I know that people put a lot of trust in me when they post comments, which is why I don’t typically re post them. Infidelity is a very personal topic and I strive to keep it that way.

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